The LORD will hold you in his hand for all to see – a splendid crown in the hand of God.

Isaiah 62:3 NLT

You are valuable. You are worthy. YOU are a splendid crown in the Lord’s hand, held high for all to see!

You were created to SHINE!


At SHINE 2017 we will gather as a sisterhood of women, from all stages and backgrounds of life, to hear this heavenly proclamation that resounds from our amazing God. A message that nourishes our feminine souls with the truth of whose we are and how loved we are by him. A timeless message that is not ashamed or afraid of the romantic pursuit and tender loving kindness of our savior king. Our knight in shining armor who rights every wrong, mends our brokenness, and loves us back to wholeness. Who polishes off our tarnished places to hold us high as his royal daughters, crowns of splendor in his hands – on display in such a way, that all who see us will bring glory to his name. This message of royalty will be expressed from the parking lot, to the foyer, to the sanctuary, through the messaging, our times of worship, and in every creative element expressed at SHINE twenty-seventeen.

It’s with great expectancy that I look forward to adding on this new layer to all that SHINE has been over the last 17 years. Every year we pave new ground. We pioneer fresh territory. And God’s eternal heart of adoration for his daughters compels us onward and outward. It thrills me to the core to see God open SHINE’S doors to reach women beyond the Austin area. The heartbeat of SHINE is now expressed in Austin, Dallas, Tulsa, Poland and Haiti. I have the amazing honor and privilege of linking arms with beautiful pastors from these sister churches to champion the cause of sisterhood and God’s grand LOVE for his girls, all around the globe.

SHINE is part of a movement that is about you. It’s about me. It’s about the collective ‘us’ we call sisterhood – a movement of everyday girls, across the earth, connected heart and soul, who are passionate about bringing heaven to a world that is so in need. It’s about us grasping our immense worth in the eyes of our heavenly father... and then rising up to take our place in His story as we distribute the message of his love and value to everyone around us.

We are his royal daughters. We are his beloved. We are his crowning jewels. Let’s come together, in this sacred space and soak in this marvelous message that God created us to SHINE!!

Please join me at SHINE 2017!



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October 6 • Shine Friday • Adults: $35 • Teens: $10

October 7 • Shine Brunch • $30


SHINE is just the exclamation point for what happens in Sisterhood every week. For more information on Sisterhood, go to or