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Generation after generation stands in awe of your work; each one tells stories of your mighty acts.

Psalm 145:4 -MSG

Hello beautiful!


As we prepare to gather this year at SHINE 2018, I have it on my heart to remind you how much YOUR LIFE MATTERS! Every single little thing you think, say and do -- mean something. You are affecting people around you! You are leaving a mark! You are making a difference! You are leaving a LEGACY in big and small ways, even when you are unaware of the mark you are making! As each of us surrender to God’s plan and purpose for our lives and live them out intentionally – on purpose and for his purpose, we become a force of his goodness that spreads his truth, love and grace across the earth. Then, generation after generation will truly stand in awe of his work and tell their stories of his mighty acts!

We are baton carriers at this moment in time. We are running this glorious race toward Heaven, our eternal home, together. God is relying on YOU and me to live and leave a LEGACY that keeps his AWESOMENESS alive for all of time! As we live for him, we fan the flames of the gospel causing it to spread like wildfire across the globe, catching hearts on fire with a passion for him! There is so much God wants to do in and through us during our time on earth as we live our lives for his glory. So... How can we do the most with the precious time he’s given us? How can we make the biggest legacy-leaving impact possible, individually and collectively as a company of women?

We will explore what that looks like together this year at SHINE ATX 2018!

Joining me is the amazing globe trotting - all the way from England - church senior pastor and brilliant ministry leader - Charlotte Gambill. If you’ve never met her you will fall in love with her and be challenged beyond your imagination! We also have the lovely Noemi Chavez. Additionally we will hear from our own amazing pastor Rob, who brought the house down last year with his message that touched the heart of every woman.

Check out the website for all the fun details of the day, as well as info on Saturday’s brunch. You’ll also find some valuable information on our Sisterhood gatherings, Outreach focus, Shoreline Network SHINE’s coming up this year, and so much more! Can’t wait to see you there!

Love always & forever,

Laura xoxo

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October 12, 2018 • Shine • Adults$40 • Youth$10

October 13, 2018 • Brunch with Charlotte $30