Shine Out

Caleb Club Poland

This year, our SHINE outreach initiative is to make a difference in the lives of children globally as we support Shoreline Poland's Caleb Club and new orphanage facilities. As you give in our outreach offering at SHINE, you will have the joy of knowing you are supporting a great cause!

Through the years, the SHINE local and global outreach initiatives have made a huge difference in countless lives around the globe. Here are just some of the ways lives have been impacted as we link arms and hearts to SHINE Out!

2017 Outreach

  • Clean water for our sisters in Haiti
  • Social Justice Marketplace

2016 Outreach

  • Pray - Pray for All Worthy of Love (AWOL)
  • Write – Letters to Danita’s Children
  • Give - Shop for a Cause – social justice marketplace

2015 Outreach

  • Bring – maxi dresses to bless the women of Haiti
  • Write – write a note for a woman in Haiti
  • Give – Caleb Club Poland

2014 Outreach

  • Bring - Change to Sisterhood & Shine to help change Francia’s destiny (through the fall season).
  • Write - write a prayer of encouragement to Danita’s Children.
  • Give - During our offering, you will be given the opportunity to plant a financial seed into Francia’s future. You can be the change!

2013 Outreach

  • Bring – A $10 Gift card to bless teachers in our community
  • Write – write children represented by the Caleb Foundation Initiatives
  • Give – Purchase needed items such as desks, chairs, and more for the new school in Gulu, Uganda

2012 Outreach

  • Local - Backpacks, sleeping bags and socks for shoreline east
  • Global - Sponsoring orphans from Africa and Haiti

2011 Outreach

  • Local - backpacks, sleeping bags and thermal socks for shoreline east
  • Global - Caleb House Haiti, Caleb Club Poland, Caleb Place Botswana
  • Champion

2010 Outreach

  • Champion – Lourdes Huante
  • Local – Shoreline East - backpacks
  • Global – A21, Caleb House Haiti

2009 Outreach

  • Champion
  • Local - Baby Shower
  • Global – Love Botswana and A21 (awareness)

2008 Outreach

  • Global - Love Botswana – Bibles - $15 each
  • Local - Shoreline’s Children’s and youth ministries – Imagine Campaign
  • Champion

2007 Outreach

  • Local – shoreline east – start serving at shoreline east
  • Global – Love Botswana
  • Champion

2006 Outreach

  • Mercy Corps – helping Katrina evacuees
  • The Serenity House – a safe atmosphere for women being restored from drug addiction
  • The Shoreline House
  • Austin Pregnancy resource center and life care pregnancy center
  • The abundant life network – a ministry that serves women who have been in prison or on the street
  • The settlement home

May love be the last great act to shock the world.

- Bobbie Houston

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